Review | Chickapea Pasta USA - Organic, Gluten-Free Pasta made from Chickpeas and Lentils
Chickapea Pasta - Organic Chickpea Lentil Pasta

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Earth's Berries Ltd.

Thank you @ChickapeaPasta for our amazing gluten free, fiber and protein rich pasta salad!! Even kid approved!

Shelby Worts

Shelby, it' a hit! And just like Kathleen's household, the guy likes it too. ? It cooked beautifully in the time it took to warm olive oil, garlic, smoked tomatoes, and kale & basil from our Tower Garden. Thank you for producing this satisfying and healthy product! [Yep, this was breakfast.]

Kathleen Salvador

Are you sitting down Shelby Taylor? He likes the pasta!! Despite not liking chickpeas or lentils, and generally disliking anything without gluten, he likes the pasta. And I love it. Well done! :)

Stephen Jones

Hey @ChickapeaPasta Promo this to #lifters Just had after a leg workout. Love it & the protein, lower #glycemic load. #sport #nutrition

Brennan Turner

Got to try some @ChickapeaPasta - sourced from #WestCDNAg farmers! I've eaten a fair amt of pasta...this ranks high!

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