Our Mission | Chickapea Pasta USA - Organic, Gluten-Free Pasta made from Chickpeas and Lentils

Feel Good Food.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create good for the world through nutritious, organic meal options and impactful social contributions.

Our Vision

To inspire good with every bite.

Chickapea staff volunteer at a shelter

Our Guiding Principles

1. We will be the healthiest choice

Our products are delicious because they’re made with only wholesome, organic ingredients. By refusing to compromise, we build trust with our customers. They know a package with our logo isn’t just better for them—it’s good for them.

2. We will protect our children’s planet

By choosing organic, plant-based proteins, we are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate soil and water contamination, reduce deforestation, clean our air, conserve biodiversity and preserve local wildlife—including honeybees.

Chickapea donates boxes of pasta to a food bank

3. We will deliver simple solutions

Our promise is to offer mealtime options that are convenient, nutritious and loved. All of our products will be quick to prepare, have simple, real ingredients and be met with smiles at the table.

4. We will seek better

We believe the foods you love can truly love you back. We aspire to always find a better way; to constantly innovate to offer better products and be a better company.

Child enjoying a bowl of Chickapea Mac and Cheese

5. We will put people first

A respectful, inspirational environment will create a team that cares about their work. Employees that feel valued will give us value back with quality customer care. We are the sum of our happy and thriving team.

6. We will make nutrition accessible

Chickapea believes healthy food should be accessible to all. Through donations of our products and charitable giving, we will do our best to get a wholesome, healthy meal to everyone who wants one. Our social impact will grow with our company.