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Chickapea Pasta - Organic Chickpea Lentil Pasta

Chickapea, the pasta you can feel good about

From Vegan Magazine

Chickapea is a brand serving up delicious gluten-free pasta made of only two ingredients – organic chickpeas and organic red lentils. That’s it. Friends and family will be gathering around the dinner table this holiday season and we all know…

Collingwood Startup Stays Competitive in US Health Food Market


When you’ve achieved product market fit, it’s easy to assume similar growth will follow in other countries. That’s not always the case according to Entrepreneur Shelby Taylor, who saw an opportunity to expand her Collingwood, Ontario-based business Chickapea Pasta into…

Chickapea supports


The rural pilot of the program launched in Collingwood on July 20. The inaugural rescue came from Chickapea Pasta, a Collingwood business producing high-protein pasta made from chick peas.

Chickapea Recognized for Highest Standards of Social and Environmental Performance With B Corp Certification

From News Wire

COLLINGWOOD, Ontario, June 25, 2018 ( – Chickapea, a fast-growing brand of high-protein pasta made from organic chickpeas and lentils, is proud to announce its certification as a B Corporation. The prestigious designation solidifies Chickapea’s mission to create good for…

Collingwood mac and cheese company sets sights on U.S.


Already selling successfully in Canada, Collingwood’s Chickapea Pasta is set to launch its new product line, organic chickpea lentil mac and cheese in the U.S. “We’re so excited to bring Chickapea Mac and Cheese to market,” says Shelby Taylor, founder…

Arlene Dickinson: Canada already has 161 trade commissioners around the world

From Food in Canada

Arlene Dickinson, managing director at District Ventures Capital, joins BNN’s Catherine Murray for a look at Ottawa’s plans to set up an agency to attract foreign investment into Canada and how Alberta’s startup economy has been experiencing a surge in…

Food in Canada – Industry Insider

From Food in Canada

Shelby Taylor didn’t have a background in food processing when she first entered the industry, but she did run a health food store. With her knowledge of nutrition, and from speaking with her customers, Taylor had almost a bird’s eye…

Starting rocket ships to growth

From Food in Canada

Thinking unconventionally about your product lines, categories and approach, can yield stratospheric growth. There have been some incredible examples in recent years in which new food processing businesses have been propelled into the stratosphere, due to “unconventional thinking” in what…

Georgian College partners with city to boost food entrepreneurship

From Macleans

Georgian College partners with city to boost food entrepreneurship Paris, New York . . . Barrie? With help, food businesses are popping up all over the region Alison Myers December 22, 2016 Chickpea pasta. (Earth To Kids inc./Chickapea Pasta) When…

The easiest way to give back to your community this Thanksgiving

From The Marilyn Denis Show

Giving back in the form of wholesome food is one of the easist and most important things you can do for your comminuty. And it’s also the mission at Miranda Malisani‘s Eat It Forward. She believes that you must eat to survive, but Eat…