Review | Chickapea Pasta USA - Organic, Gluten-Free Pasta made from Chickpeas and Lentils
Chickapea Pasta - Organic Chickpea Lentil Pasta

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Lori N Rob

Had it today, we all gave it thumbs up!

Crys Wiltshire

@ChickapeaPasta We did! We had#glutenfree chicken parm on a bed of chickapea spirals. So good! Kids loved it!

Nicole Sartor McCordick

Got my chickapea pasta in the mail yesterday and had some for dinner tonight. So good. And so healthy! High in fibre and protein and surprisingly filling! Good luck on continued success!

Dawn Hanley

Had my first Chickapea pasta yesterday. Very good!

Earth's Berries Ltd.

Thank you @ChickapeaPasta for our amazing gluten free, fiber and protein rich pasta salad!! Even kid approved!

Shelby Worts

Shelby, it' a hit! And just like Kathleen's household, the guy likes it too. ? It cooked beautifully in the time it took to warm olive oil, garlic, smoked tomatoes, and kale & basil from our Tower Garden. Thank you for producing this satisfying and healthy product! [Yep, this was breakfast.]

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